San Fierro Police Department
"Bravery, Loyalty, Integrity"
Active From:
February 2011 - March 2015
Other Names:
San Fierro Metro Police Department
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Notable Leaders:
Castor Troy
Richard Vane
Joy Nicole Lillis
Patryk Ridgway
Downtown San Fierro
San Fierro
Flint County
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The SFPD was created in February 2011 as San Andreas was expanding. Sworn over from the previous SASP, the SFPD immediately assumed jurisdiction over San Fierro and surrounding Flint County. When NOOSE arrived in August the same year, they claimed the area of Back O' Beyond as their own and that was the only area off limits to the SFPD. Sometime in 2012, SASIS was granted permission to share the SFPD's headquarters, equipment and vehicles while they were being set up. In July 2012 SAAS' main base moved to Easter Bay Airport and became Fort Defiance, therefore creating another restricted area. Around 2014, FOB Zulu at the Crate Island eventually moved to Mount Chilliad which created yet another restricted area that was under the supervision of the National Guard.
Chief of Police
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Staff Sergeant
Air Response Unit
Department of Corrections
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Internal Affairs
Special Response Unit
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SFPD Cruiser
The department's main mode of transport. Equipped with all the necessary equipment and in the standard SFPD (or Department of Corrections) livery, the cruiser was the best all-round car for getting the job done.
Rank: Officer
Division: None
LVPD Cruiser
Originally available only to those in the Command division. Sometime around 2015 the restrictions were lowered slightly.
Rank: Commander
Division: None
Used by the Patrol division (later Traffic Enforcement) and was used for patrolling the streets of San Fierro.
Rank: Corporal
Division: None
Often used by Cadets under the Metropolitan Parking Services division. Often the only vehicle available to a Cadet without requiring permission.
Rank: Cadet
Division: None
Police Ranger
Used by those ranked Sergeant or above and was used for general purposes such as patrolling the city.
Rank: Sergeant
Division: None
FBI Rancher
Sometimes used by the SWAT division or Detective's Bureau, however was available to most above the rank of Lieutenant for general patrolling purposes.
Rank: Lieutenant
Division: None
Used by the Detective's Bureau and undercover traffic enforcers. Sometimes used in sting operations whilst in deep cover.
Rank: Officer
Division: Detective's Bureau
Used by the Department of Corrections when transferring prisoners or escorting them out on community service, for instance cleaning up the environment.
Rank: Officer
Division: Department of Corrections
Originally used by the SWAT division as a high speed interception unit. It carried over from the original SWAT division as it changed it's name to the Special Response Unit and then was later rank restricted.
Rank: Sergeant
Division: Special Weapons And Tactics
Also one of SWAT's high speed interception unit vehicles. It was the fastest available vehicle in the SFPD fleet of vehicles.
Rank: Sergeant
Division: Special Weapons And Tactics
FBI Truck
Very rarely used vehicle.
Rank: Sergeant
Division: Special Weapons And Tactics
Used by the SWAT (later SRU) and CERT divisions and was used for transporting groups of tactical units. It was well armoured and was also sometimes used in pursuit roadblocks due to it's weight.
Rank: Sergeant
Division: Special Weapons And Tactics
Used by the SWAT and CERT divisions, generally for riot control or dispersing issues in the Department of Corrections. During the zombie apocalypse of April 2012, the SWAT Tanks helped form the largest safe-zone in San Andreas, around the Easter Basin Correctional Facility.
Rank: Sergeant
Division: Special Weapons And Tactics & Department of Corrections
Police Maverick
Used by the Air Unit for easier locating suspects and individuals from the air. It was also used by the SRU on operations such as the El Corona shutdown which was coordinated by the SRU, CERT and SASIS.
Rank: Corporal
Division: Air Unit
Usually parked outside the Downtown San Fierro headquarters and was only used when permission was granted by high command, under rare circumstances. Often used by the Department of Corrections, under the Warden's approval
Rank: Lieutenant
Division: None
Used for naval operations by the SWAT division or for patrolling the waters around San Fierro.
Rank: Sergeant
Division: None
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