Welcome to the NGGDB Legacy Database. This contains all the information on every faction and gang to ever have resided on Next Generation Gaming. After months and years of constant wandering we realised that NGG, for all it's flaws, was impossible to be replicated. It was only in our best interests to keep the community alive by creating this database. This has been constructed by a small group of people who know a thing or two about the server's history, however we don't know everything so it would be great if you could help us out and point out anything we've missed. We'd also be grateful if you could provide any more content such as faction seals/logos, headquarters, vehicles, weapons, divisions, ranks and all of the good stuff. From our personal points of view, we are guessing this database is about 15% complete. There are still many factions to create files on before we even get to the gangs, which will require a massive public contribution. For now though, enjoy reading what we've put together.

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The Next Generation Gaming Database (NGGDB) isn't owned or managed directly by the SARP/NGG (2008-2017) or Next Generation Gaming (2019-present) management teams. The database originally served as homage and an archive for (almost) all the factions and gangs to exist on the server and was re-instated in light of the community making a return in 2019. In due time there will be fully customisable player profiles and other features, but for now it will continue to reside solely around the clans and organisations that existed. We are constantly rolling out minor updates and features alongside page creation and information updates. This service will continue to be player-managed and will, at some point, allow players to create and edit pages through our own homebrew content management system.


Developers: Bluman
Admins: TBA
Writers: Bluman, Dwight